JobDAO — The Internet's Hiring Division
December 29th, 2021

Join in on the I Need A Job Partybid to become a genesis member of JobDAO. You will receive 100 $JOB tokens for every 0.1 ETH you contribute. UPDATE: we won!! All contributors can now claim their $JOB tokens and join our members’ telegram channel here.

Introducing $JOB.

JobDAO is a collector DAO with the intention of hiring incredible artists.

Hiring them for what, you ask?

Well, that’s entirely up to them.

We hire artists by collecting an NFT of their work. They then become an employee of JobDAO.

Their employment contract reads as follows:

Welcome —

You are now an official employee of JobDAO. Congratulations!

Since JobDAO is the Internet’s Hiring Division, this is akin to getting a job at the Internet. You can fill this job description any way you wish. You can use it to do work that directly serves JobDAO itself, or you can use it as the freedom to explore any other work your heart desires anywhere on the Internet.

Enjoy. And if you have any questions, just reach out to HR.

With love, JobDAO

“Um, I don’t understand. Why does JobDAO exist?”

Ah, excellent question. Let’s get into it…

We are at an inflection point in the way individuals are compensated and valued for their work.

Within this new realm of web3, there is a line of division that seems to be growing. Let’s call this line the NFT-DAO line.

On one side, you have NFTs. Hundreds if not thousands of artists are experiencing a new form of freedom through the burgeoning technology, medium and culture that is NFT. By minting and selling their work as NFTs, artists are carving out and realizing value for their creativity in ways never before experienced.

On the other side, you’ve got DAOs. This word DAO is absolutely layered with definitions and exploding with cultural lore — but essentially it umbrellas over the corner of the Internet that is experimenting with new ways of organizing and doing work together. Some of these DAOs, like this one, are pooling funds together to collect stuff — like NFTs. Other DAOs are pooling capital and humans together to do things, build things, create value.

These DAOs — especially the latter kind — are working to figure out how to best value and compensate for work being done. Many interesting experiments are taking place, and many DAOs are facing this challenge in real-time as they grow.

Some DAOs are rewarding contributors in forms that look like salaries, others like grants, bounties and a host of other formats. A specific tool in this arena worth naming is Coordinape, which allows DAOs to reward contributors in a distributed way, such that the entire DAO can collectively decide how value flows through the network. All of these experiments and more are pushing us forward in how DAOs can properly sustain those working for the network.

Yet, there is this line. The NFT-DAO line. And JobDAO asks the question, must this line exist at all?

We offer up the hypothesis that perhaps we can use the very collection of NFTs to hire highly creative folks to do their best work.

DAOs are naturally moving us towards an entirely new landscape of human labor. The era we are hopefully moving away from was one in which people at the top of the food chain hired other people to do the work they needed them to do. In this world, we are attempting to build flat, decentralized networks made up of people doing exactly what they want to do.

So why “hire” them at all? Why not, instead, give them the freedom to serve the networks they want to serve in any way they want to serve them.

An Inter-DAO Jobs Board for Artists

We can start to feel into a future where JobDAO acts as an inter-DAO jobs board for artists. JobDAO can seek out and inaugurate ultra-talented artists into web3 by collecting their genesis NFT — effectively meaning they’ve been hired by the Internet. This can manifest as access to a plethora of inroads into the top DAOs and web3 communities looking for creative contributors.

Suddenly, a beautiful meeting place is born. Curious artists looking for web3 rabbit holes meet high-quality DAOs looking for amazing artists. All amidst a backdrop of the network supporting the artist as the very first interaction.

Naturally, this idea is just that — an idea. We’re not entirely sure where it can take us. But we have a strong gut feeling that it could bring us somewhere super interesting.

So with that, we begin this experiment with JobDAO — if your NFT is collected, you’re hired. Use that information any way you want.

The Genesis Piece: “I Need A Job” by Will Juergens

The most natural piece to inaugurate the JobDAO permanent collection is Will Juergens’ “I Need A Job”.

In many ways, this song and accompanying visual inspired this very DAO’s formation.

It speaks to the all-too-familiar tension that artists face in choosing between doing their most natural creative work versus getting a lifeless job to support themselves.

The act of collecting this piece is also an act in transcending that tension entirely.

It states that doing your most natural creative work is the very job that should bring you well-being and sustenance.

And so, with that, we bring you to the very beginning. The founding moments of JobDAO…

Join in on the I Need A Job Partybid to become a member of JobDAO. You will receive 100 $JOB tokens for every 0.1 ETH you contribute.

The $JOB token holders will make up the genesis members of JobDAO. These members will collectively decide on which artists to curate next and how to effectively grow the network.

If JobDAO wins the auction, the $JOB tokens will be claimable to those whose ETH contributions were used in the winning bid. If there is an overflow of ETH in the Partybid, you will be able to withdraw your unused ETH.

Enter the Partybid here.

With that…welcome to JobDAO.


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